Choose the game or games you want to borrow.

Click on the photo and fill out the booking form, we will contact you with a confirmation email within 24 hours (probably much earlier).

We will safely hand over or bring the game to you.


Puzzle, Deska Bar

KVĚTY 1000

Puzzle, Deska Bar


Puzzle, Deska Bar


Puzzle, Deska Bar


Puzzle, Deska Bar


Puzzle, Deska Bar

TREFL 1000+1000

Puzzle, Deska Bar

How does it work?

  1. Choose a game from our menu.

  2. You can also book the game in advance online or by phone +420 723 658 293 or by email at golf@praguegolfandgames.com.

  3. Pick up the game at any time between 1 pm-6pm.

  4. Choose how long you want to borrow it.

  5. Choose drinks, chips and other delicacies.

  6. Pay at the checkout and sign a loan agreement.

  7. Play, have fun and enjoy or watch our instructional videos on Youtube .

  8. Return the game on the agreed date and choose another game;)

How much does it cost and for how long?

1 game, rental for 2 days 199 CZK

1 game, rental for 2 days, PLUS package (1 bottle of wine or 4x beer, 3 pcs from a selection of delicacies) 749 CZK *

* the price includes a returnable wooden crate worth CZK 150


3 games, weekly rental CZK 599

3 games, rental for a week PLUS (2 bottles of wine or 8x beer, 5pcs from a selection of delicacies) 1199 CZK *

* the price includes a returnable wooden crate worth CZK 150


Advance payment for a loan of CZK 1,000.



Try a new game every month or even more than one game every 30 days or so!*

Price for this special offer is 1800CZK.

*if you return your game early, you can rent a new one within the same month.

Deska Bar od Prague Golf and Games

Opatovicka 18

Praha 1

Hlavní město Praha, Česko

+420 723 658 293


Provozuje: JMNC Golf s.r.o.

Opatovická 18, Praha 1

IČO: 03159396

VAT: CZ03159396

zapsáno u Městského soudu

v Praze pod spisovou značkou C 228229

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